Magners Made in the Dark case study

Written by on November 13th, 2012 // Filed under Uncategorized

In March 2012, we launched our first fully integrated campaign since winning the Magners digital and social media business which featured TV, outdoor, digital and social media, and ran nationally across the summer months.

‘Made in the Dark for a better taste’ was an evolution of the communication strategy first launched in 2010.  It is a perfect example of Magners’ philosophy around ‘doing things differently in order to get better results’.  Making cider in the dark feels counter-intuitive, but this is where the magic takes place, making Magners taste even better.

The innovative and humorous 40” TV execution was set almost entirely in darkness and featured the inhabitants of Clonmel continuing their normal daily activities at night and not being held back by bad light – whether that was playing tennis, getting their hair-cut or attending the local nudist society.  Glimpses of the action along with the voice-over encouraged the viewer to fill in the blanks.

The outdoor, shot by Paul Zak, included seven underground station dominations across London and Glasgow including a media first at Oxford Circus with a 180 degree wrap.  The iconic creative featured hands in the dark holding beautifully lit pints of Magners. The campaign consisted of four core images including ‘hero’, ‘drinking’, ‘cheers’ and ‘social’ and included a 10” motion animation.

Our digital campaign helped amplify the brand’s philosophy as well as drive customers through to our social platforms via a variety of initiatives planned across the summer.  The first of which was our “eye-pad” activity designed to tie-in with the clocks going forward.