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Red Brick Road & Funkin Cocktails launch new all-in-one cocktail shaker
Just add spirit to make cocktails at home more quickly and easily than ever before.

This week, Funkin and creative agency Red Brick Road launch an online & digital OOH campaign to launch Funkin’s innovative new cocktail shaker.

Skinny Mojito

With the new Funkin cocktail shaker, all you have to do is add ice, spirit and shake, to make a bar-quality cocktail.

For Funkin’s young, aspirational & extroverted audience, the theatre ofthe serve is as important as the cocktail itself. So Red Brick Road’s campaign captures the theatrics of each individual’s shake, as they “Make it Shake” in super slow-motion.

The campaign (consisting of 2 x 15 second videos & 3 x 10 second videos) will run across Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, digital display and DEPs across 9 of the busiest London Underground stations.

Funkin CEO Andrew King commented: “We’ve all been there – stuck in the kitchen for hours making cocktails and spending a fortune on individual ingredients and equipment. The new Funkin Shakers allow you to impress your guests with incredible taste and theatre, but leave you more time to focus on the party.”

Red Brick Road’s CEO, David Miller, said “’Make it shake’ shows how easy & simple it is for individuals to make bar-quality cocktails at home. We want to see this bar-theatre catch on at house parties, as people get carried away by this fantastic new product.”


Creative agency:

Red Brick Road


Ben Anderson (Head of Marketing)

Tom Parker (Digital Marketing Manager)


David Miller

Creative Directors:

Richard Megson and Matt Davis, Red Brick Road

Agency Art Director:                                      

Baz Williamson

Planning Director:                                          

Lisa Gulley

Senior Account Manager:

Louis Collin


Jack Bradley

Production Company:                                   



Baz Williamson


Vanessa Whyte

Production Designer / Art Director:        

Charlie Hippisley


Jack Bradley


Edwin Metternich

Post Production:                                          


Post Producer                                                

Megan De Wolf