Red Brick Road launches Asylum Aid’s new fundraising campaign


To mark Asylum Aid’s new fundraising campaign, ‘The Interview’, Red Brick Road has created a powerful film to be shown in DCM cinemas around the country, highlighting the vital role Asylum Aid plays in ensuring the most vulnerable and excluded refugees are treated fairly and protected from harm.

Launching on 9th March, the film, produced by Rattling Stick, dramatically exposes what happens when people seeking asylum experience the application process. The interview seen in the film, which is based on real transcripts from vulnerable refugees which Asylum Aid has supported, shows questions asked to an unrepresented female refugee, Nina.

The idea is to provoke the feeling of what it’s like to be put through the application process, while showing the need for Asylum Aid to continue their crucial work.

Having legal representation, often funded by legal aid, means refugees do not have to go through their asylum interview alone, facing potentially unfair and intrusive questions.

The advert will run throughout March in DCM cinemas, and will be supported by a high profile PR campaign and social media outreach.

Matt Davis, Executive Creative Director at Red Brick Road said: “This film is simply about telling a true story in the most dignified, evocative way possible. As such we have something we are really proud of that can make a real difference.”

Wayne Myslik, CEO of Asylum Aid said: “When a person comes to the UK to escape harm, they go through a tough legal process where authorities look into every aspect of their lives to decide whether to give them protection. It’s a life or death decision. Many will have experienced trauma, often sexual violence. As the film shows, people are often put through outrageous and unfair questioning. Facing such an interview alone is unimaginable, but that’s the reality for so many people.”

“Asylum Aid’s caseworkers provide vulnerable people with the support they need at this critical time. This work is about protecting people’s lives, and is made possible by people’s generous donations. We are hugely grateful for the support of Red Brick Road, Rattling Stick and DCM, and hope this campaign will go a long way towards helping people in need of protection.”

See the TV campaign here.