The Last Round: How to engage the next generation of mindful drinkers

This January, we worked with our research partners Opinium to commission a new research report with Bar Goers and Bar Owners throughout the UK to explore how the next generation of drinkers is shaping the transformation of mindful drinking.

This report came from the insight that Gen Z is widely characterised as the most puritanical generation of young adults since the 1950’s, eschewing the experimentation of their predecessors. If their drinking culture is breaking down, this raises a sobering question for the alcohol industry: what will the bars and brands of the future have to evolve into to appeal to this new customer?

To further understand this trend, online pop-up communities, quantitative surveys and depth interviews with experts were used to inform the report. As a result, the report examines the consumer attitudes that are driving drinking behaviour; how this is already impacting the alcohol trade; and what opportunities lay ahead in marketing to these customers.

We launched the report at an event held at our offices, hosted by The FT’s Drinks Editor, Alice Lascelles, a Gen Z influencer, Brogan Tate, and experts from Google, Red Brick Road and Opinium.

We transformed our offices into our very own bar, complete with new 0% ABV spirits, low-alcohol cocktails and more. We welcomed professionals from the wider alcohol and no-alcohol industry to listen to our panel of speakers and partake in the discussion surrounding mindful drinking.

For more information on the report and our findings, please contact David Miller directly on


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