Well Read – The Real Mad Men

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Well Red 2012 kicks off next Wednesday with Andrew Cracknell presenting to us The Real Mad Men.  

Andrew is a former advertising man, a veteran of 37 years as a copywriter, executive creative director and agency Chairman, on both sides of the Atlantic. He is now an occasional journalist, trans Atlantic yachtsman and, he claims, gentleman of leisure.

He took two years and interviewed more than 50 men and women from the Madison Avenue agencies of the era to write the book, published here last August. It will be published in the US next March, coinciding with the start of series 5 of the TV series.

Of the book, he says “TV’s Mad Men is a brilliant depiction of the more traditional agencies of the 1960s New York advertising scene. But the real story of that decade lies in the brand new wave of 2nd generation immigrants who invaded Madison Avenue and with their energy, iconoclasm and creativity launched the advertising “creative revolution”, and with it the brightest, cleverest and most fascinating decade in advertising anywhere at any time. The book is about that revolution, that work and those people – and the fun they had”.

He’ll be explaining aspects of the story, showing work from the era, drawing sme conclusions, answering questions – “How near the truth is Peggy Olsen’s story?”, “What was the role of the account person?”, “was there a real Don Draper?” or “Did you really drink that much, Uncle Andrew?” – and, he hopes, signing copies at £10 a go.

Please come along to Reception to hear Andrew’s talk, at the new start time of 9.30am.