The City I Chose

Unearthing once-famous brand truths and bringing them to life through now-famous celebrities.


Tapping into the rise of Food tourism, Hilton wanted to showcase their UK&I hotels as a destination for foodies as well as travellers. “The City I Chose” creative platform centred on the insight that when someone has actively chosen to live in a city, they are more vocal about their love for it because they truly feel at home. So, our content campaign, saw ex-Hilton M’aitre D, Fred Siriex meeting Hilton staff for culinary city tours across the UK, to see the city through their eyes. The films were hosted on a new Hilton portal to showcase different hotels in key destinations to drive bookings, as well as being promoted on social channels.

Brand Connection:

  • Over 10m views of the films and counting giving the website real cache as a new food platform – giving people more reasons to stay and engage with Hilton

Brand Commitment:

  • Hilton’s most engaged with social campaign ever!