Unboring social content


Rubicon provide big, bold, authentic flavours that you don’t find in your everyday fruit bowl, and here at Red Brick Road we replicate this, bringing the brand to life. Whilst Rubicon are an established brand, their presence on Social is still relatively new. Despite this, we consistently deliver strong results across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with all metrics coming in well over industry benchmarks such as a 5.5% engagement rate on IG vs 1.18% average. Over the last 18 months we have grown and developed alongside the Rubicon team, adapting our content pillars and continually reviewing performance. In 2021 alone we have redefined our Social TOV and broadened our scope to begin capturing lifestyle photography and influencers to elevate the brand profile.

The Social team at RBR works closely with our ATL team to align on wider marketing campaigns and ensure that regardless of the touchpoint a user sees a Rubicon asset they receive clear and consistent messaging and creative.