Congratulations to our sister agency Emerald for their Wickes pitch win!

In a 3-month Oystercatchers-led process, Team ITG and its strategic partner, Emerald Thinking, have been appointed by Wickes to deliver the retailer’s next generation of predictive, mission-led, omnichannel customer experience.

Congratulations to our sister agency Emerald for their Wickes pitch win!

This year will see leading independents, Team ITG and Emerald, build a sophisticated ‘Missions and Motivations Engine’, interpreting customer inputs from a variety of first, second and third-party data sources to turn individual content clicked, product and category engagement interest into whole-basket recommendations.


Employing the industry-leading strategic capability of Team ITG’s CRM experts and the unique insights that they provide, Wickes will build a rich foundation of data, identifying customer activity and preferences to facilitate the delivery of highly engaging, impactful omnichannel experiences.


“We were impressed with how TeamITG and Emerald Thinking interpreted our strategic vision and presented the Missions Engine supported by CanopyCloud technology. The TeamITG proposal was a great fit for Wickes and brought to life how the use of technology and data will help us to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with our customers”

Paul Canavan, Multichannel Director, Wickes


Wickes will utilise core components of Team ITG’s game-changing CanopyCloud technology suite to unify its business around the customer experience. Through the implementation of CanopyWorkflow, CanopyDAM, CanopyCreate and CanopyDeploy modules as the backbone for its scalable omnichannel delivery, Wickes will be empowered to drive communications to market at pace, achieving unparalleled visibility across its entire operation while creating, storing and deploying thousands of assets at just the click of a button.


“Team ITG and our independent partners are demonstrating that there is another path to innovation and advanced use of data away from the traditional agency models and tech platforms. I am over the moon and proud that Wickes have chosen us for their exciting programme of transformation.”

John Watson, MD, Customer Experience, ITG


The Missions and Motivation Engine will be a market-changer. Whether a Tradesman, DIY customer, or Kitchen and Bathroom shopper, Wickes will be helping its customers to not only complete their diverse missions, but help them envision new missions, supporting them at every step of their journey.