Gen Z x Alcohol: new thought leadership

Gen Z x Alcohol: new thought leadership

Despite being dubbed ‘Generation Sober,’ our new insights report reveals a surprising twist: 78% of Gen Z view alcohol as being pivotal to their social lives. Our study, developed in partnership with Opinium, reveals a generation that actually value alcohol more than any other. Launched at YMS London, the leading youth marketing summit, and covered by broadcast newspapers who describe the report as “a wake-up call for the alcohol industry”, we reveal the implications from the data and the opportunities it creates for drinks brand owners and any other brands seeking to meaningfully engage with Gen Z.


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  • The significant role alcohol has for Gen Z’s social experiences
  • Comparisons to other generations; and the big shifts since our previous study 5 years ago
  • Where low- and no-alcohol drinks fit within their drinking repertoire
  • What the biggest influences are over Gen Z’s beverage choices
  • Emerging concerns like the ‘Triple Hangover’ and their impact on consumption behaviours
  • Implications and opportunities for effective Gen Z marketing

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