Oystercatchers Mini-Squawk: Matt Davis, ECD and Zoe Crowther, Managing Partner

Matt Davis, our ECD and Zoe Crowther, Managing Partner spoke to Suki Thompson from Oystercatchers about our work with Ambitious about Autism.

Ambitious about Autism is a charity that supports young people with autism. Our campaign ‘The World Has Turned Upside Down’ focused on how lockdown was particularly difficult for children and families affected by autism, through the huge disruption to routines. We created a storybook to illustrate and explain how lockdown affected children with autism and raised £500k for the charity. The campaign won Bronze at the DMA awards for Best Thoughtful Marketing Campaign. Learn more about the work here: https://www.redbrickroad.com/our-work/ambitious-about-autism/

Watch the Mini-Squawk with Matt and Zoe here: https://www.theoystercatchers.com/videos/matt-zoe-red-brick-road


Jul 22, 2020