The Courtyard School Partnership

Red Brick Road is in its third year of working with The Courtyard School – an Islington school for students with special educational needs.

We have created a module on communications, which has now become an official part of their curriculum. Islington Council plan to tailor the course for other schools across the borough.

Designed for sixth form students, they learn the entire process of creating an advertising campaign. This includes six weekly sessions in the agency with RBR people across all disciplines. They have homework which is then assessed in one on one tutorials. The outcome is a fully fledged campaign they can present and show to people.

This year’s cohort have shone with their campaigns and they have learnt many skills including strategy, creative development, design and PR.

They now possess skills and tools which contribute to their coursework - and will help them when they look at apprenticeships, college and employment..

The Courtyard School Partnership

“The Courtyard students have felt comfortable from the moment they arrived at Red Brick Road. Both the atmosphere and staff have been informative and helpful to everyone’s needs. Students have been working on individual advertising campaigns, including headlines, visuals and elevator pitches. Everyone’s special interests have been nurtured, therefore students are passionate about their ads!” – Elena Vidal, Head of Careers/ Head of Outreach

Everyone at RBR has benefited hugely from working with these great young people. Seeing the world through their eyes. And seeing how ‘thinking differently’ really enhances what we do as an agency.

We wanted our collaboration with the Courtyard School to be celebrated this Christmas, so asked the students the simple question: What does the seasonal break mean to you?

The wide variety of answers demonstrates the diversity of thought and experiences.