We raised a few smiles with our Amazon campaign:

Amazon launches first byAmazon advertising campaign promoting own-brand grocery range

‘Food too, who knew?’ brand campaign launches in London

We raised a few smiles with our Amazon campaign:

We launched Amazon’s first byAmazon advertising campaign promoting its own-brand grocery range. ‘Food too, who knew?’ brand campaign launched in September 2023.

The campaign introduces the brand line ‘Food too, who knew?’ letting shoppers know that the Amazon they rely on every day is now – perhaps unsurprisingly – launching own-brand groceries.

With byAmazon groceries, consumers can expect more wow in their weekly shop. The byAmazon range includes fresh food, store cupboard essentials, and delicious meals for lunch and dinner. Available at Amazon Fresh in store and online, as well as through Amazon.co.uk, the brand’s mission is to give shoppers gobsmacking quality and outstanding value.

The brand campaign uses smile-shaped food to playfully imitate the iconic Amazon smile, landing the message that Amazon now does food!

The campaign launches with a media take-over of Angel tube station in London – a two-minute walk from one of its flagship Amazon Fresh stores. This includes cross-track advert platform domination, as well as bespoke tunnel-wraps and escalator panel take-overs. There is also a two-week London-wide digital outdoor and digital display campaign.

Red Brick Road has created eight different ‘Amazon food smiles’ for the campaign, and a suite of contextual adverts promoting grocery items relevant to specific day-parts. ‘Banana Smiles’ promotes top-up shops including byAmazon yoghurt, coffee and bananas; ‘Prawn Smiles’ showcases on-the-go lunchtime meals such as prawn pasta salad; ‘Chilli Smiles’ celebrates the byAmazon range of quality evening meals with a Chicken Tikka Masala. The campaign features Amazon’s famous star ratings, proving how highly-rated Amazon’s private label grocery range is already with customers.

Photography was directed by Richard Megson and Nathalie Thery at Red Brick Road and shot by acclaimed food photographer Robert Billington, represented by Twenty Twenty. Robert Billington’s bright and bold food photography showcases the range of great quality, delicious food and meals available byAmazon.  Media planning and buying is by Rufus.